Retirement 2.0

"This is a real community."

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Welcome to Retirement 2.0

The latest trend in retirement is not to retire. Well, at least not in the traditional sense. As millions of baby boomers begin the transition into their golden years, "retirement" is a word that is falling out of favor. Today's sixty-year-olds, the active generation that brought us the mountain bike, jogging and the snowboard, are redefining retirement (think of it now as Retirement 2.0). As they downshift from corporate careers and downsize their homes, they are also redefining where people of this new retirement generation spend the next phase in their lives.

This is how one resort community found itself a new retirement mecca; just don't use the "R" word in Waterville Valley New Hampshire.

Why are Folks Choosing Waterville
Valley, New Hampshire?

  • » Master Planned Community
  • » Pedestrian Friendly
  • » Affordable Real Estate
  • » Seasonal Rentals
  • » World Class Ski Area
  • » Tennis Center, Golf Course
  • » Indoor Athletic Club & Ice Arena
  • » Oldest Hiking Trail Network in the U.S.
  • » Thriving Arts, Cultural, Educational & Social Community
  • » Nearby Full-Service Medical Facilities
  • » Safe Environment
  • » Family Friendly
  • » NH Ranked “Safest State” “Most Livable State” “Healthiest State”
  • » No Income or Sales Tax